Tuesday, October 13: Noble Lounge, VCFA Campus, College Street, Montpelier, VT 05602, 6 pm-7 pm

Hammer (David Schatz & Sereina Rothenburger)
New Primitive Swiss Design: Visions of Exoticism

Primitive painter Henri Rousseau once remarked to Picasso: “Basically, you do in an Egyptian style what I do in the Modern style.” As a graphic designer one has to find his/her visual language. While searching, you can either draw influence from your immediate surroundings or choose to travel to exotic places and past/future times. Rousseau is best-known for his synthetic jungle scenes even though he never left France. His methodology of collaging elements from disparate sources, from both ‘high’ and ‘low’ culture, his use of distorted proportions and his vivid imagination led to a unique style. In this lecture, Swiss graphic design duo Hammer raises the question on how to adapt an ‘exotic’ visual language without falling into the trap of creating a replica but instead developing something new.


Wednesday, October 14: Noble Lounge, VCFA Campus, College Street, Montpelier, VT 05602, 7 pm-8 pm

Ian Albinson

from Art of the Title: 100 Years of Title Design

Ian Albinson, expert of motion graphics and title sequences, explores the vast, beautiful, and underappreciated field from its origins at the beginning of the film industry, through its golden ages and renaissances, into the explosion of television title design and its recent spread into video games, conferences, and beyond.


Thursday, October 15: Noble Lounge, VCFA Campus, College Street, Montpelier, VT 05602, 7 pm-8 pm


Gail Swanlund

Friendly with the Unknown OR Inviting a Myriad of Other Things to Loosen and Exert Magnetic Forces

In other words, finding a way to work in generative way rather than in quest of an ending; nurturing the unknown as a major driver of work process and content; penciling-in; unhooking ideas, things, ideas and methods in order to reconsider, disorient and/or unhook from familiarity; combining washing machines and bicycles; listening to frequencies that may be indistinct; OR being at the ready for whatever or, the disputable nothing.