We are a blend of disparate elements of curiosity, righteousness, mirth, wanderlust, sincerity, and warmth. We are a dynamic collection of talents and skills both raw and refined. We are from many different places and times. We are an odd assortment of artists and designers navigating a graphic design graduate program as one.

From onions to Hebrew letters, from comic books to the city of Berlin, from a postmodern collage artist, to one who delves into our past through our present…we are who we are. You will not find a more eclectic group. Is ‘blend’ a misnomer or a bizarre mix of divergent realms? This exhibition blends our individual voices into one show. A juxtaposition of unique approaches to a fabulous MFA program. We hope you enjoy the show, or as Mike’s thesis states, “Thank you so much. We’ll see you soon.”

OPEN BOOK | My Journey Through the Hebrew Alphabet


I am an Israeli who lives in the United States. I am physically and emotionally attached to both places; therefore, I searched for a method to bring my two worlds together and incorporate this process into my art. As a graphic designer, typography has always been a very special component of my focus in the creative process. This led me to my exploration of letterforms for both Hebrew and Roman letters. During my MFA journey these letters guided my consciousness to places that I would normally never visit. They pushed me to uncover distant memories and my historical past that prompted me to learn more about them. The letters sparked conversations that I would never have engaged in about subjects that I would normally avoid discussing. These letters changed my life and I will always be grateful for this unique experience.

traversingwithonions | or in pursuit of the butter chair and other encounters...


This is the story of an onion. It began as a prompt, a metaphor of containment, embedded memory and layers of loss. I moved on a continuum, melding years in dance, design and pedagogy. My work traverses the struggle for essentiality, questioning how to work from an internal place, a place that I know through years in dance, a place that we entitle core.


traversingwithonions, evolved as the encapsulated metaphor of my vcfa journey. Tadoh, a form I codified through interdisciplinary endeavors, conjoins aspects of Dada, Butoh, existentialist philosophy, absurdity and improvisation. An onion, my symbolic impetus, drove this body of work.

The History of Now


The History of Now is a continuous and unrelenting look into our history as it is being made, as it continues to evolve, as each month passes, as events unfold and people change the way things are. It is an attempt to define who we are, by documenting the events and issues in our lives that change the way we think.


It is a record of those things we have learned, as we attempt to document what life is like in this period of time we call NOW.  It is a narrative of social issues and events that affects us all, and a catalyst for design and designers to act for the goal of greater good and a platform for social change.

Who Am I?


He is a collage artist. He is a postmodernist. Campbell Mckeogh spends his time walking the streets of Reno, Nevada in search of found objects, photographs, and type. These are the mainstays of his practice. He incorporates this vernacular into his work. He wants his work to be interpretive and wants the viewer to come to their own conclusions about its message.

I Like You Better on Wednesdays | An exploration of comics, storytelling, and the impermanence of life


I have found comfort and insight into the human condition in the pages of comic books for over thirty years. Loss and responsibility have concerned me for just as long. Early on, I learned that nothing lasts, people die, and that loss comes in many shapes and forms. Whether it be physical death, emotional or intellectual disconnect, or apathy, all relationships are impermanent.


I also know that in the face of this impermanence, we have a responsibility to ourselves and others and that, more often than not, imagination and whimsy can help us cope and understand. I have thus chosen to explore these themes through comic book storytelling.

Thank you so much. We’ll see you soon.


My work and this thesis is about the relationships of events in my life and their impressions on me as a person. It describes the mosaic of my creative practice and belief that creativity is an inherent convention of life.  I was a designer. I played the Alp Horn. I was an artist. I was a tour guide. I was a writer. I was a designer. I was a bike mechanic. I was an artist, I was a rock climber, I am husband. I am Designer. All this time,
I was an artist. The way I make, the way I design and live are the manifestation of impressionable time periods. Periods when perception was obscured and the things that were transparent become smeared. In the recurring return to a place of a mundane life it is an atlas to the circumstances planned or planned for me that asked for deep artistic expression or appreciation.


BLEND | Thesis Exhibition

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